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At the CRPHO we are interested in assisting area employers in a number of ways. Historically, our Board of Directors was comprised of representatives from the hospital and physician members. However, we felt that we needed another voice on the Board to represent local employers. Therefore, in 2001 we began electing major employer representatives to sit on the Board and impact the decisions we were making. We now have four employer representatives from large Conway area employers who each serve three-year terms.

In addition, we have developed more than a dozen competitive contracts. If you are considering quotes for your employee health plan or have other questions regarding our managed care contracting, please contact our Executive Director.

During the last few years we have developed the following benefits which are available to area employers at no charge. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact the CRPHO office to arrange an appointment to discuss. We want to address your employee health needs in any way you find beneficial!

Data Review

Most major employer health plans include quarterly data which reveals how the employees used the employee health plan- amount of claims, number of claims, providers used, pharmacy used, etc. The CRPHO Medical Director is experienced at analyzing employee health plan utilization data and identifying relevant trends and significant results. This analysis may be useful in designing the plan benefits for the next year and/or for selecting health topics and speakers for employee health fairs.

Plan Benefits

The CRPHO Executive Director has worked with employee health plan designs in an effort to determine various benefit structures and their impact on costs. He is willing to work with any area employer seeking an outsider’s opinion on the design of their employee health plan. This review can be conducted in conjunction with a Data Review (see above) in order to address pertinent utilization issues also.

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