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The Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization was founded in late 1993 by Conway Regional Health Systems and a group of about 50 physicians. The CRPHO was formed to coordinate the provision of physician and hospital care to persons residing in the service area, and to improve the quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of such care. The primary functions of the CRPHO are:

  • Work with carriers to establish commercial contracts for the provision of care and the credentialing of providers and to monitor same,
  • Work with physicians to make available cost effective management tools for their practice, and
  • Work with employers with local ties to provide contracts with the CRPHO membership for the care of their employees and to analyze the trends that are impacting their employee health care needs.

The CRPHO has continued to grow in each of its functional areas. The residents of the five county area do not have to travel far to seek care from a CRPHO provider. Of the area residents who are enrolled in a commercial plan, over 95% have access to a plan with which CRPHO providers are contracted. Many services have been offered without cost to area employers, and the physician membership is participating in plans that will help them offer cost effective medicine for years to come.

Mission Statement

Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization will coordinate the vision and promote the common interests of the membership and community in order to provide a patient-centered, provider-focused and cost-conscious network of care for the Central Arkansas area.


  • Contract with competitive managed care organizations.
  • Improve lines of communication between providers, the community and managed care organizations.
  • Offer services to members that will improve practice efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Coordinate utilization improvement activities across the healthcare spectrum.
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