Conway Regional PHO

Past Presidents

On behalf of Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization we would like to extend our gratitude to all past and present members of our Board of Directors whom have helped to provide guidance and have represented the best interest of all of our members in times of need.  In particular we would like to say “Thank You” to those who have committed their time and effort to provide leadership and guidance to the Board of Directors, Executive Directors, as well as, staff and members of the PHO by acting as the President of the Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization.  Those individuals include:

Lander Smith, MD1994
Andy Connaughton, MD1995
Rick McCarron, MD1996
Bart Throneberry, MD1997-1998
Michael Wood, MD1999-2000
Alan Lucas, MD2001-2002
Homer Fleisher, MD2003-2004
William Freeman, MD2005-2006
Tom Roberts, MD2007-2008
David Naylor, MD2009-2014
Brad Tilley, MD2015-present
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