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Provider Field Alliance Network
Greg Wooten yes
Ron Wauters yes
Brian Howard yes
David Draney yes
Herman Clements yes
Londa Revis Family
David Riggs Dental
James Flanagin Dental
Kelly Crowe yes
Milhio Ranahan Pain Management yes
Christopher Maranto Pain Management yes
Allison Wilson Family yes
Necia Reed Family yes
Samantha Primm Family yes
Katie Deacon Family yes
Holly Griffis Family yes
Paige Fenner Pediatrics yes
Kayla Slaton Obstetrics/Gynecology yes
Rogerich Paylor Radiology yes
LaTrisha Hall Family yes
Robert Paladino Family yes
Patrick Salakovich Gastroenterology yes
Brooke Keith yes
Reena Bansal Multispecialty yes
Brittany Conine Mental Health yes
Hannah Neago Family yes
Misty Birdwell Family yes
Arthur Slaton Hospitalists yes
Kuna Okong Hospitalists yes
Malik Mohammed Hospitalists yes
Brain Kennedy Hospitalists yes
Charles Jeffers Hospitalists yes
Brad Smith Orthopaedic Surgery yes
Mitchell Reynolds Orthopaedic Surgery yes
John Hogue Orthopaedic Surgery yes
Sarah Guillory Orthopaedic Surgery yes
Tiffany Epperson Orthopaedic Surgery yes
Alicia Elkins Orthopaedic Surgery yes
Mark Cooper Emergency Medicine
Jason Talburt Emergency Medicine yes
Megan Russell Emergency Medicine yes
Terry Peery Emergency Medicine yes
Samnieg Hernandez Mental Health yes
Thomas Stinnett yes
Airiell Schwab Optometry yes
Bryan Brown Optometry yes
Dardanelle Regional Medical Center Facilities yes
Randy Pastor
Julia Chambers Family yes
Stanley Kokocki Cardiology yes
Emily McKinney Orthopaedic Surgery
Iquitidar Khan Hospitalists yes
Cheri Ogwo Hospitalists yes
Wassim Radwan Hospitalists yes
Swethaa Boddeda Family yes
Rodney McCarver Pain Management yes
Laura Kelly Hematology/Oncology yes
Rachana Yendale Family yes
Ron White Gastroenterology yes
Aaron Winterstern Family yes
Nicole Rogers Orthopaedic Surgery yes
Samantha Short Mental Health
Marion Stowers Mental Health yes
Ray Clark Mental Health Neurology yes
Amy Dallas Family yes
Katerina Devore Family yes
Jerry Hodges Emergency Medicine yes
Hailey Small Family yes
Mark Clark Mental Health yes
Pirya Yada Pediatrics yes
Shayna Wood Pediatrics yes
Nathan Voise Gastroenterology yes
David Adam Steinfeld Mental Health yes
Stephen Stagg Gastroenterology yes
Mallory Smith Internal Medicine yes
Caitlyn Shell Family yes
Sarah Robertson Hospitalists yes
Whitney Philamlee Hospitalists yes
David Phelan Radiology yes
Christie Phelan Radiology yes
Thusha Nathan Gastroenterology yes
Chad Moreau Durable Medical Equipment yes
Nicholas Mitrani Mental Health yes
Clint Mickle yes
Billy McBay Internal Medicine yes
Owen Matt Gastroenterology yes
Natalie Lane Dermatology yes
Aaron Janos Radiology yes
Lauren Hendrix Urology yes
OT Gordon Gastroenterology yes
Breckenn Findley Family yes
Chelsea Ferrar Mental Health yes
Starla Emery Family yes
Daniel Clark yes
Benjamin Burkett Hospitalists
Mark Clark Mental Health
Jennifer Biggers Mental Health yes
Keith Bell Radiology yes
Conway Regional After Hours Clinic Urgent Care Y
Jody Clawson Urology
Mary Dumboski Urology Y
James France Urology Y
Robbie Hurtt Urology Y
Jeff Marotte Urology Y
Landon Humphrey Vascular Surgery
William McColgan Vascular Surgery Y
Michael Stanton Vascular Surgery Y
Alan Lucas Pediatrics Y
Steve McNabb Pediatrics Y
Courtney Meena Pediatrics Y
Kelly Staley Pediatrics Y
Dawn ‘Pebble’ Sutherland Pediatrics Y
Vafa Ferdowsian Podiatry Y
Glenn McClendon Podiatry Y
Zane Moore Podiatry Y
Aaron Seiter Podiatry Y
Kevin Steffen Podiatry
Ladly Abraham Pulmonology Y
Tyrone Lee Pulmonology Y
Radiology Associates, PA Radiology Y
Roy Denton Rehabilitative Y
Theodore Duensing Rehabilitative Y
Patricia Knott Rehabilitative Y
Noha Mohammed Rheumatology Y
Scott Smith Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Patrick Fraley Otolaryngology Y
Jeffrey Kirsch Otolaryngology Y
Rafael Marrero Otolaryngology Y
Collie Shaw Otolaryngology Y
Doug Stroud Otolaryngology Y
David Pope Pathology Y
Amy Broyles Pain Management Y
Karen Baker Pediatrics Y
Terence Champlin Pediatrics Y
Jeff Craig Pediatrics Y
Sherrye Craig Pediatrics Y
Adam Harrell Pediatrics Y
Philip Hopp Pediatrics
Chris Killingsworth Pediatrics Y
Scott Koontz Optometry Y
Bill Patterson Optometry Y
Airiell Schwab Optometry Y
Charles Todd Optometry
Jeffrey Strossner Optometry Y
Grant Bennett Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Savannah Bradbury Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Benjamin Dodge Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Tod Ghormley Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Daniel Green Orthopaedic Surgery Y
James Howell Orthopaedic Surgery Y
James Head Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Robert ‘Rick’ McCarron Orthopaedic Surgery Y
Josh Ward Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Michael Wood Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
David Baker Ophthalmology Y
Justin Charton Ophthalmology Y
Stephen Davis Ophthalmology Y
Bradley Hughes Ophthalmology Y
William Mabrey Ophthalmology Y
Stephen Magie Ophthalmology Y
Cedric Pratt Ophthalmology Y
Melanie Smith Ophthalmology Y
Eric Robbins Optometry Y
Hunter Scaife Optometry Y
Shane Ford Optometry Y
Elena Russell Neurology Y
Keith Schluterman Neurology Y
Bhavana Sharma Neurology Y
Andrew Cole Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Mary Kate Cox Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Phillip Gullic Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Keitha Dewitt Holland Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Carol Jackson Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Amy Johnson Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Debra Lawrence Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Brandie Martin Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Lauren Nolen Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Courtney Sick Obstetrics/Gynecology Y
Tobi Taylor Mental Health Y
CariAnn Bergner-Moore Mental Health Y
Charles Cole Mental Health Y
Joseph Few Mental Health Y
Amy Parish Mental Health
Micah Rowland Mental Health Y
Marian Smith Mental Health
Jamie? Stacks Mental Health Y
Tracie Wells Mental Health Y
Annette Anderson Mental Health Y
Karen Young Mental Health
Tim Freyaldenhoven Neurology Y
Regan Gallaher Neurology Y
David Oberlander Neurology Y
Kayla? Johnson Internal Medicine Y
Jarrett Lea Internal Medicine Y
Stephen Long Internal Medicine Y
Laura Massey Internal Medicine Y
Gina McNew Internal Medicine Y
Heather? Teague Internal Medicine Y
Kyle Trauth Internal Medicine Y
Lydia Trauth Internal Medicine Y
Robert Wilkerson Internal Medicine Y
Eric Woodard Internal Medicine Y
Mitchell Collins Maxillofacial Surgery
Kim Dielmann Mental Health Y
Alice Keener Mental Health Y
John Knott Mental Health Y
Melissa Moix Mental Health Y
April McSpadden Mental Health
Jamie Stacks Mental Health Y
Darren Freeman Hospitalists Y
Jeffrey Hall Hospitalists Y
Mohammed Idris Hospitalists Y
Jessica Joheim Family
Greg Kendrick Hospitalists Y
Kristy? King Hospitalists Y
Kasey Nix Hospitalists
Alexander Tyler-Hashemi Hospitalists Y
Brent Scroggins Hospitalists Y
Brandy Utter Hospitalists Y
Ahmed Ali Internal Medicine Y
Brian Blair Internal Medicine Y
Keith Coward Internal Medicine
Adam? Cox Internal Medicine Y
Blair Greenwood Internal Medicine Y
Whitfield Knapple Gastroenterology Y
Karl Landberg Gastroenterology Y
Tom Meziere Gastroenterology Y
Martin Moix Gastroenterology Y
Debra Morrison Gastroenterology Y
Robert Murphy Gastroenterology Y
Angela Nutt Gastroenterology Y
Jaymie Pennington Gastroenterology Y
Jeff Robertson Gastroenterology Y
Bernard Stokes Gastroenterology Y
Scott Wofford Gastroenterology Y
Anthony? Manning General Surgery Y
Brock King General Surgery Y
George Nawar General Surgery Y
Sue Tsuda Hematology/Oncology Y
Robert Balentine Hospitalists Y
Hongjiang Chen Hospitalists Y
Carol Townsend Family
Kenneth? Turner Family Y
Leslie Ward Family Y
Michelle Willis Family Y
David Backstedt Gastroenterology Y
Gary Barton Gastroenterology Y
Steven Clift Gastroenterology Y
Jeremy Davis Gastroenterology Y
Brandy? Eason Gastroenterology Y
Agustin Fernandez Gastroenterology Y
Johnathan Goodwin Gastroenterology Y
Donald Greenway Gastroenterology Y
Kevin Heath Gastroenterology Y
Job Jacob Gastroenterology Y
Michael Johnson Gastroenterology Y
Bobby Kakati Gastroenterology
Mandi? Mears Family Y
David Naylor Family Y
Peter Post Family Y
Herschel Raney Family Y
Kristy Roberts Family Y
Robert Rook Family Y
John Smith Family Y
Lander Smith Family Y
Vicki Stancil Family Y
Garry Stewart Family Y
Jessica Tackett Family Y
Heather Teague Family Y
Bart Throneberry Family Y
Brandon Thurow Family Y
Brad Tilley Family Y
Charles Himmler Family Y
Charles Howard Family Y
Jarrod Jerry Family Y
Gil Johnson Family Y
Jeremiah Keng Family Y
Amanda Keesaer Family Y
Shellia? Kornegay Family Y
Michael Koone Family Y
Brooks Lawrence Family Y
Keith Lipsmeyer Family
Jack Lyon Family Y
David Martin Family Y
Meghan? Mallett Family Y
Crystal McMahan Family Y
Jessica? McNeese Family Y
Adam Cox Family Y
Justin? Creech Family Y
Craig Cummins Family Y
J Caleb? Dickson Family Y
John Dobbs Family Y
Alyson Fish Family Y
Angela? Foster Family Y
Alex Freeman Family Y
William Freeman Family Y
James Fulmer Family Y
Emily? Garza Family Y
Thad Hardin Family Y
Natalie? Hill Family Y
Michael Hilman Family Y
Central Arkansas Sleep Diagnostics Facilities Y
Central Arkansas Sleep Health Facilities Y
Conway Endoscopy Center Facilities Y
Conway Outpatient Surgery Facilities Y
Conway Regional Medical Center Facilities Y
Conway Regional Rehab Hospital Facilities Y
Endoscopy Center of Little Rock? Facilities
Gastrointestinal Center of Little Rock Facilities
Sleep Management Services Facilities Y
Jose Abiseid Family Y
Lauren Blansett Family Y
Randal Bowlin Family Y
Brian? Bowlin Family Y
Gary Bowman Family Y
Barry Carrol Family Y
Charles Clifton Family Y
Shelley Clifton Family Y
James Thomas Cardiology
Deepali Tukaye Cardiology Y
Lane Gray Wagnon Cardiology Y
Dennis Woodhall Cardiovascular Surgery Y
Conway Interfaith Clinic Charity
Rachel Choate Dermatology Y
Thomas Hudson Dermatology Y
E. Brian Russell Dermatology Y
Shelley Russell Dermatology Y
Baker Medical Durable Medical Equipment Y
Michael Fahr Emergency Medicine Y
Evan Gregory Emergency Medicine Y
Sydney Neel Emergency Medicine Y
Jason Skinner Emergency Medicine Y
Baker Ambulatory Surgery Center Facilities Y
Jennifer Bishop Anesthesiology Y
Jonathon Lee Anesthesiology Y
Brad Lindsey Anesthesiology Y
Jevin Smith Anesthesiology Y
Alexa? Shipp Cardiology Y
Lensey Scott Cardiology Y
Donald Steely Cardiology Y
Kelly Burks Allergy/Asthma Y
Lori Kagy Allergy/Asthma Y
Eddie Shields Allergy/Asthma Y
Lindsay Still Allergy/Asthma Y
Nancy Zuerlien Allergy/Asthma Y
Carol Angel Anesthesiology Y
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