Conway Regional PHO

Insurance Carriers

The PHO currently contracts with the following carriers.  Please note that most carrier reps have requested the first contact be via email.  Thank you!

Plan TypeProviderPlanRepEmailPhone
AetnaAetna (Coventry/Mercy)Mike Phillipsemail
Anthem HealthlinkDiane Shipleyemail(314) 882-8057
BCBSArkansas FIrst Source Jennifer Sheltonemail(501) 378-3049
BCBSHealth Advantage/ HMO ARJennifer Sheltonemail(501) 378-3049
BCBSTrue Blue Jennifer Sheltonemail(501) 378-3049
BCBS USAble Jennifer Sheltonemail(501) 378-3049
Centene (NovaSys)Alliance/Inspire/Qualchoice Lisa Baker email(501) 228-7111 x 5345
(800) 235-7111
CignaCigna HealthcareLindy Alexanderemail(479) 846-0205
Coventry (Mercy)/Aetna Aetna Rose Marie Scottemail(913) 202-5231
Trustmark (Coresource)Conway Regional Health Alliance Jennifer Berensemail(614) 932-7457
Union PacificUnion PacificMichelle Gilbert email(501) 595-4355
ZelisZelisBeth DeCuersemail(504) 680-4490
United United/VariousJacqueline Padilla-Yanez email(501)660-1119
Municipal LeagueMunicipal League Beth Chappellemail(501) 978-6137 x160
TriCareTricare Prime Pamela Reichemail(502) 318-5305
OptumVA-CCN *********
BCBSTue Blue Jennifer Sheltonemail(501) 378-3049
Centene (NovaSys)AmbetterMeghan Huntemail(501) 954-6216
Medicare Advantage
Access Health Tribute Health PlansTracy Hesteremail(501) 410-4832
Aetna Aetna Medicare Mike Phillipsemail***
BCBS MA Health Advantage HMO Amanda Hatfield email
BCBSAR BlueMedicare HMO USAble Amanda Hatfield email
BCBSAR BlueMedicare PPO USAble Amanda Hatfield email
Centene (NovaSys) Allwell Meghan Huntemail(501) 954-6216
Centene (NovaSys)Wellcare Donna Spenceemail***
Cigna Cigna Medicare (HealthSpring) Celestine Loveemail(501) 747-4781
HumanaHumana Medicare Craig Sangalsemail (502) 301-2628
United HealthcareUnited Healthcare MAJacqueline Padilla-Yanezemail(501) 660-1119
Access Health EmpowerTracy Hesteremail(501) 410-4832
AnthemSummitNina Sigler email****
Centene (NovaSys) AR Total CareMeghan Hunt email(501) 954-6216

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